Niche Website Pro’s Reveal Their Proven Secrets That Collectively Earn Them Over $100,000 Per Month…

If you’re anything like me then you are sick to death of all the so-called ‘guru’s’ that make their money by teaching others how to make money online. All their money is made from their latest ‘Twitter Catastrophe Profits Avalanche’ or ‘Facebook Cash Tree Mega Domination’ type products designed solely for naïve newbies. Often they don’t even use the strategies they teach (you really don’t have to be a genius to see the flaw here)…
It’s crazy!
This is exactly why I decided to interview some my friends that consistently make thousands of dollars per month online. More importantly however, they make this money with REAL internet marketing techniques like Adsense and affiliate commissions. So you get all our hard-won strategies, tricks and wisdom from years of hardcore, in-the-trenches experience with none of the pain that usually goes along with getting it for yourself. This information will easily shave a year or two off your development. Get in-depth, specialized knowledge from seasoned pros who together make more than $100,000 per month. Many of them reveal:

• The precise niches they’re in.
• Their link-building strategies.
• What tools and software they use.
• Their outsourcing strategy.
• Exactly how much $$$ they make.
• What IM methods work and which don’t.
• Precisely how they make their sites.
• …and huge amounts more.

Some of you may know me. My name is Chris Guthrie and I am a successful affiliate marketer. I currently generate a six-figure income from a variety of online methods such as niche and authority websites as well as buying and selling them. I own the site and last year I sold a website in a deal worth more than $100,000. My ‘Make Money On The Internet’ podcast is very popular and gets more than 5000 listeners per episode, however, none of this is my primary income. While I do create products, consulting work and run a blog as well, nothing compares to the money I make with my websites, not even close! The only reason I bother with all this other stuff is to diversify my income.
However, creating niche websites can be confusing and overwhelming to say the least. But, with the knowledge these IM veterans reveal in their interviews, you will be filled with confidence, be well aware of the pitfalls, have real-world, nitty-gritty, concrete, actionable steps to take and proven ways to develop the right mindset with ease. Imagine what earning 5k per month would mean for you. I remember what it was like for me – nowadays I feel so much happier, more confident and most importantly…I feel free.
Niche Website Masters is the essence of years of combined wisdom distilled into 4 hours of audio interviews with 9 of the best in the game today. These are crazy-busy entrepreneurs and were very kind to let me interview them. Their time is precious. If you wanted to get their help you would have to pay their hourly consultation rate (which is not cheap!). To get an hour on the phone with each of these guys would easily cost you several hundred dollars.

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I, Chris Guthrie, personally guarantee that if you make an effort to use just a few of the strategies in Niche Website Masters and honestly feel that it failed to deliver on anything I promised within the next 30 days, I will give you a complete refund. You can just send me an email with nothing more than “refund request” in the subject line and I’ll refund the whole cost of the course to you.
Why am I so confident? This course will deliver more real-world value, wisdom and insights than you can imagine. The sheer amount of strategies packed into these 4 hours will take your game to the next level in a huge way. You will learn from the best who do this day in and day out and have seen it all before. So…before you waste another year spinning your wheels, get the best, most powerful and up-to-date tactics in existence to finally create your freedom.
Be smart!
Stand on the shoulders of giants and shortcut your way to the top instead of trying to figure it all out on your own. At this price it’s a downright no-brainer.
Click below and get it right away…

Warning: Don’t even think about trying to make serious money online until you’ve heard these interviews!
PS: These guys are major players that not only make almost all their money with niche websites, but they still do to this day. So many products are made by people who are moving onto bigger or better tactics and decide to make a product just as they are abandoning an old one. This means that everything they are teaching is out of date and will not work no matter how hard you try. Not so with these guys! They still make niche sites, update them, backlink them, outsource their work, know the latest products, SEO tricks, the industry and basically…THEY KNOW THE DEAL…and so will you!
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